An Inviting Escape

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Abruzzo - where’s that?

It’s a question we are repeatedly asked as our region rarely features in the glossy mags around the world, which tend to concentrate on places everyone knows and as a result are overrun with millions of tourists each year

Well, Abruzzo isn’t overrun, in fact far from it and frankly we quite like that and so do the hundreds of guests we’ve had the pleasure to host over the years

Generally Abruzzo doesn’t have the sophistication of the likes of Venice, Florence, Milan et al, but what we do have is an abundance of authenticity and a deep rooted culture, steeped in history. For serious lovers of nature and the wilderness, the region possesses some of the most dramatic landscapes in the whole of Italy and an array of wildlife and flora to delight nature lovers

Likewise our local cuisine, whilst simple, is probably the most revered by the Italian people and has produced many of the top chefs in Italy and around the world.

If wine is your thing, again Abruzzo has an abundance of producers making a range of really exceptional wines which are now gaining a worldwide reputation of being some of the best in Italy.

We will never compete with the “must go to” places in this beautiful country, but if you have “been there, done that” and want to experience Italy as it was before mass tourism, come to Abruzzo, come stay with us and we’ll aim to share an experience that you’ll never forget - we hope in a good way of course!