Ancestry in Abruzzo

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In search of your Abruzzo roots?

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries many millions of Italians left their homeland in search of a new and better life in the USA, Canada, Australia, South America and many other parts of the globe. Discovering why they left and re-connecting with long lost family is a dream for many people, but considered too difficult or too expensive for many.

Back in 2009 when we first opened La Grande Quercia, we had the privilege of hosting a guest and her family from West Virginia who came to Abruzzo in search of her grandfather’s birthplace. We offered to help and had the most amazing and touching experience, which was to be the start of the service we now offer. Over the past several years we have been successful in re-connecting many families whose ties had been severed by the passing of time, often a hundred years or more.

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Whilst we know there are many "professional" ancestry researchers out there offering their services, the cost is often prohibitive and so what we do is offer on the ground research at a modest cost. Of course this is not our main business, but a service we offer to guests that choose to stay with us. As we are based just outside of Teramo, we have ready access to the Archivio di Stato  the researcher with whom we have built a great relationship and we are able to obtain full size copies of birth, death and marriage certificates dating back to the early 1800's

In addition, we also visit towns and villages, speak with the locals who will often hold more information about families that left these places many years before. For us, the ultimate aim is to find living relatives here in Italy and to arrange a reunion that spans lost generations.

So where do you start? In our experience most people will have snippets of information about their grandparents or great grandparents, which is normally enough for us to start picking up the threads to start our research. Please complete the following enquiry form with whatever information you have and we’ll do our very best to help.