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Timballo recipe
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The Sweet Secret of Ravioli Dolci Teramana

by Sergio @ La Grande Quercia Bed & Breakfast on 07/04/13

Ciao a tutti!

Another week has flown by and here I am, ready to reveal another of my secret recipes. I hope you have tried to make the Timballo from last weeks blog, as I'd really like to hear if you liked it.

I have a feeling that every week I'll be saying "this is one of my favourites", but as I love the food of my region so much, I hope you'll forgive me repeating myself! When I think of ravioli, the dish that stands at the forefront for me has to be "Ravioli Dolci". It comes as a surprise to most that this dish is not a dessert or pudding, in spite of its' delicate sweet filling, but it is served as a primo (pasta course) with a meat ragu. Yuk, I hear you say, but the way the combination of flavours blend, make this dish unforgettably delicious.

Traditionally, Ravioli Dolci would be made for special occasions such as Easter or Carnival time, but it can be enjoyed at any time of the year and making this for your family or friends will I hope both surprise and delight them.

When I serve this to friends or guests for the first time, I don't tell them what the ingredients are and I like to ask them to guess what is inside these little parcels of wonder. As the tastebuds are confused by the sweetness and savoury nature of the ravioli and sugo, it makes for great fun at dinner!

Click on this link for the recipe, which you can download and print.

Buon apettito!

PS. This afternoon I will be making yet another of my favourites (oh there are so many!). A mysterious dish, found only in one or two restaurants in Teramo and here at La Grande Quercia of course. I rarely reveal the ingredients of these little tied up bundle of delights, but next week I will! 


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