Banging the drum for Abruzzo - Timballo alla Teramana : Teramo a Tavola - Sergio's secret recipes

Timballo recipe
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Banging the drum for Abruzzo - Timballo alla Teramana

by Sergio @ La Grande Quercia Bed & Breakfast on 06/26/13

Ciao a tutti!

Being the first of my secret recipes I really should have chosen something a little easier to make, but as this dish is possibly one of my all time favourites, I thought if I set the bar high, it will be a good benchmark for future dishes. I just hope that when you attempt it yourself, it will taste so good, you'll be encouraged to come back to my blog to find something easier to make next time!

As with many Italian recipes, almost every region stakes it's claim as being the true origin of a particular dish; timballo is no different and there are many variations to what it contains and how it should be made, but of course I think Timballo alla Teramana is the best, but I would wouldn't I?

The name of the dish is derived from the French word "timbale", meaning kettledrum and traditionally timballo of all kinds is baked in a round tin which funnily enough looks like a drum! Of course, I will never concede to accepting timballo is of French origin in spite of it's name.

I choose to use a rectangular tin, as it is easier to slice into nice even portions and the presentation on the plate is much better.

It takes about 2 hours to make this dish, plus another hour for cooking/cooling before serving. It really is a great way to spend an afternoon and something I have done many times with guests at La Grande Quercia Bed & Breakfast with who I have shared some of my secrets...just some, not all!

For the full recipe and instructions just follow this link

I hope you have fun making this and enjoy it as much as I do and look forward to hearing how you get on.

Next week, the sweet secret of Ravioli Dolci.....

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1. Bob Falcone said on 6/27/13 - 11:28AM
Yea. Can't wait to try it. It was wonderful when I had it at your place. I hope I can make it half as good.

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